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Reptiles can be extremely sensitive pets. Here you’ll find the information you need to keep your friend happy and healthy.

Reptiles: Part 2 Reptile Health & Care
Reptiles: Part 2
I'd like to continue that discussion in Part two of my reptile blog. Below are two more great options for anyone looking to add a reptile to their family.
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Reptiles 101 Reptile Health & Care
Reptiles 101
Some people love them. Others fear them. Regardless, most of us would agree that they are at least very interesting to look at.
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Tips for Keeping Your Exotic Pet Safe During Cold Weather Reptile Health & Care
Tips for Keeping Your Exotic Pet Safe During Cold Weather
Storms and cold temperatures are never fun to deal with, but if you live any place where the seasons change, you will undoubtedly have to face inclement weather at some point this winter. How do you keep your bird or exotic pet healthy when the temperature plummets? Here are a few tips to help keep your bird or other exotic pet safe.
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Use these tips from Dr. Laurie Hess to keep your exotic pet happy this winter Reptile Health & Care
Exotic Pets and the Cold
In this video, Dr. Laurie Hess, our exotics expert, discusses ways to keep exotic pets healthy and comfortable when temperatures plummet.
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