Dog Behavior

Do you want to change your dog’s behavior? Here you’ll find everything that you need to better understand canine actions and responses.

Sleeping Dog Dog Behavior
Do Dogs Dream?
If you've ever watched your dog sleep, you probably assume he dreams regularly. Now, find out what science has to say.
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2 Dogs at Door Dog Behavior
Preparing Your Dog for Holiday Guests
If you have guests coming this holiday season, don't miss these tips to keep your dog and your friends comfortable.
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Bored Dog Dog Behavior
6 Human Behaviors Dogs Hate
You might be surprised to learn about these regular human behaviors that many dogs don't like.
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Woman greeting her dogs at the door Dog Behavior
Why Do Cats and Dogs Greet Us So Differently?
Have you ever wondered why your dog seems to greet you with so much more excitement than your cat? It could all just be a misunderstanding, learn more.
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Old tired dog Dog Behavior
Why Are My Senior Dog’s Behaviors Changing (CDS)?
Is your senior dog changing? Don't assume that these changes are just a result of old age, learn what might really be going on.
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Dog looking guilty Dog Behavior
Do Dogs Really Feel Guilt When They Look Guilty?
Everyone knows the 'guilty look' on dogs, but you might be surprised by what it really means.
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Dog Behavior
How to Get Your Cat Comfortable with Car Rides
Cats need routine care and screening for infectious disease. So how do you get them to the veterinarian?
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7 Simple Safety Tips Before You Buy Your Next New Dog Toy Dog Behavior
7 Simple Safety Tips Before You Buy Your Next New Dog Toy
Dogs love playing with toys and we love watching them, but are those toys always safe. Learn how you can avoid toy dangers.
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Black Lab wagging her tail Dog Behavior
Why Do Dogs Wag Their Tails?
Have you ever wanted to know why dogs wag? Learn what the experts have to say about it.
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Why Do Dogs Scoot Along the Floor on Their Butts? Dog Behavior
Why Do Dogs Scoot Along the Floor on Their Butts?
Do you think your dog's scooting is an funny habit? Think again! Scooting is much more than a habit, it's a sign of a real medical condition. Learn what conditions prompt this "behavior."
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