Adorable Irish Breeds to Perk Up Your St. Patrick's Day

In honor St. Patrick's Day I thought we could put 5 Irish dog breeds in the spotlight and add some very cute videos to go along! These breeds do not disappoint!

1. The Irish Terrier

Video posted by Scott Keck. Who wouldn’t want this little fur ball warming up the bed? Can you believe this breed used to be lookouts and messengers during World War I? To learn more about the Irish Terrier, click here!

2. The Irish Setter

Video posted by R Williams. Need a hand with your shoes? This eager pup is more than happy to help you out! While Irish Setters are commonly used to fetch birds, this particular cutie is used to fetch shoes! To learn more about the Irish Setter, click here!

3. The Irish Red and White Setter

Video posted by pinnyi1. How cute is this puppy getting used to her new bed? It’s okay pup, we all get a little restless in our beds! This breed faced the brink of extinction, but thankfully was revived in the 1920s. Good thing, because they’re so cute! To learn more about the Irish Red and White Setter, click here!

4. The Irish Wolfhound

Video posted by Paolo Gonzalez. This helpful lad will not only accompany you to baggage claim, he may even offer you a lift! Irish Wolfhound’s have ties all the way back to 391 A.D. To learn more about the Irish Wolfhound, click here!

5. The Irish Water Spaniel

Video posted by Lauri Sonny. Who wouldn’t love to hug one of these precious pups? Look at that hair! To think, this breed hardly ever sheds! To learn more about the Irish Water Spaniel, click here!

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Reviewed on: 
Tuesday, March 17, 2015