Dog Saves Owner from Charging Moose

What would you do if you were on a nice stroll with your dogs and you encounter a moose? Well this scenario came to life for University of Montana student, Jane McNeill while hiking Blue Mountain in Missoula, MT. According to Will Wadley of NBC Montana, McNeill explains she was hiking with her dogs when she saw a moose appear from the woods and was running full speed towards her.

Manny’s bite must have been something fierce as it caused the moose to back down. Unfortunately the moose got one last kick to Manny’s head before fleeing the scene.Anyone’s first instinct would be to run, and that was McNeill’s. But as she turned around and saw her dogs standing their ground, she didn’t know what to do. Once the moose head-butted one of the dogs, the other, Manny, clenched down on the moose’s snout. “I still can’t believe that Manny actually did that,” she said. “The other dog barked and stood her ground too, but he full-on bit the moose in the face and wouldn’t let it come near me.”.

That kick landed Manny a cut and swollen eye and a trip to the vet. But our hero is close to a full recovery.