Feral Cat Saves a Helpless Kitten during Tornado

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As reported by bideawee.org, on May 20th a tornado tore through the town of Moore, Oklahoma leaving a trail of destruction and debris. While sifting through that rubble a rescue crew located what they thought to be a large cat. Rescuers brought the cat to the Central Oklahoma Humane Society in Oklahoma City, where he was to receive care from Sabrina Cantrell. “The cat was covered in dirt and debris and wood splinters,” says Cantrell on bideawee.org, “I thought the cat was injured, then I went to examine it and I saw a little head with two little beady eyes pop up covered in mud, and I realized the larger cat was clinging onto a kitten.”

As it would turn out the larger cat was a feral male.  Normally feral male cats would attack kittens, but amazingly this one had risked his life to save one. Not only that, but the two felines were practically inseparable once they arrived at the clinic. “I could not get the baby away from him,” says Cantrell on bideawee.org, “They were holding onto each other for dear life. It made me cry.”

According to bideawee both cats will be given to a good home. The feral cat has been pre-adopted as part of OK Humane’s Barn Buddies Program, which allows unsocial cat’s to live outdoors.

This story is especially touching because the hero is a male, feral cat who would normally have had little (if any) interest in the life of a kitten; nonetheless, during this time of great peril he wrapped himself around the helpless tyke and held on tight!

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