The Snub Effect: New Study Shows Dogs Might be More Loyal than We Ever Knew

Woman hugging dog

Kyoto University’s Companion Animal Mind Project might be on to something. We all know how loyal our dogs are, but Kyoto researches have established that dogs know enough about human behavior to take their pet parent’s side during even passive confrontations.

Reported by Alan Boyle of NBC News, the researchers looked at three groups of 18 dogs and their guardians. Each dog was shown a little skit which included 2 strangers and the dog’s guardian, who was having trouble opening a box. In the first group, when the guardian asked for help, the stranger refused. In the second group, the stranger gladly helped out. Meanwhile, in the third group, there was no interaction with the stranger.

When the show was over, the strangers held a treat out for the dog. Holding true to loyalty, the dogs were more likely to choose a treat from the kind/neutral stranger and ignored the one who wouldn’t help their guardian.

The full results are to be published in the journal, Animal Behaviour.

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