Watch What Happens When These Dogs Hear the Word “Walk”

Spring is finally here! It’s time to break out those leashes because your dog is ready to stroll around the neighborhood. It’s no secret dogs love to go on walks; for many, even the word excites them! Don’t believe it? Watch these videos of dogs that just can’t contain their excitement.

1. Jump for joy!

This Boxer really “Springs into action when his guardian asks if he wants to go on a walk!



Posted by ChillMaza.

2. This is his happy dance

Chance may seem prim and proper at first, but when he hears the word “outside,” he loses it in the cutest way!



Posted by CutiesNFuzzies.

3. We need to talk

Bella thinks she’s in for a very serious talk, but watch what happens when she realizes she gets to go on a walk!



Posted by Gabriela Mansilla Cevallos.

4. We got a tap dancer over here

Jake appears out of nowhere when he hears the word walk and then shows off his tap dancing skills in excitement!



Posted by Killer3James.

5. “The call of the leash”

When Skylar, the Golden Retriever, hears the clicking of her leash, she knows what time it is!



Posted by Kirk Kelly.


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Reviewed on: 
Wednesday, April 8, 2015