IDEXX SDMA vs. Creatinine: Why Did Kidney Disease Testing Need Improvement?

Why Does Testing Need Improvement?Kidney disease is a leading cause of suffering and death in pets,3 and has been so difficult to combat because it was often not detected until most of the damage was done and permanent. In fact, standard testing methods (measuring creatinine alone during routine bloodwork) typically only sends up the warning flag when 75% of a pet’s kidney function is gone.2 And once it’s gone, it’s usually gone for good. SDMA sends up that warning much sooner.3

Now, earlier detection is possible:

  • The new IDEXX SDMA test identifies pets earlier, before they’ve started showing symptoms.3 Previous studies have found that 1 in 3 cats and 1 in 10 dogs are likely to develop kidney disease in their lifetime. But, the incidence of kidney disease is likely even higher because dogs and cats with early kidney disease often went undetected prior to the IDEXX SDMA test becoming available.3 The new SDMA test can identify them and get them help much sooner.
  • Standard (creatinine) screening might not work for thin pets or those without much muscle. Previously standard screening methods sometimes miss even advanced disease, because results can be thrown off by your pet’s lean muscle mass. SDMA levels aren’t impacted by these factors, giving a clearer picture for you and your veterinarian to work with – much earlier and more accurate than before.3
  • SDMA catches twice the number of pets with kidney function loss.3 A recent study suggests that up to 80% of cats over 15 years could be affected by chronic kidney disease (CKD),1 and recent data suggests that up to 40% of dogs 15 years and older could also develop CKD.2 With these numbers, it’s safe to assume that many pet parents will have to deal with the disease at some point in their lifetimes. Unfortunately, many have already had to, and have even lost pets as a result.

Veterinarians needed something better to help dogs and cats sooner. Don’t forget:


As the health advocate for your furry family members, be sure to
ask your veterinarian for the IDEXX SDMA test.

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Monday, December 14, 2015