Bald Eagle Rescue Photos: X-ray A Pet's Life
Dramatic Bald-Eagle Rescue; Lead Poisoning to Blame
A Bald Eagle rescued from the woods: How does an eagle get lead poisoning and can this eagle recover?
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Pick a Pet... But Not Just Any Pet A Vet's Life
Pick a Pet... But Not Just Any Pet
What goes in to deciding which pet will share your home and when? Unfortunately, that decision is all too often emotional and impulsive when it really should be the result of thought and careful consideration.
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Bird Health & Care
Sex and the Single Parrot: Insights for Bewildered Bird Owners
According to a recent study, men think about sex 18 times each day, while women think about it 10 times each day. Should we be surprised that parrots that live in very large social flocks in the wild also are obsessed with sex?
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