The Finnish Lapphund Dog Breeds
The Finnish Lapphund
The Finnish Lapphund was originally a reindeer herder but today is a great family dog that is easily trainable, very friendly, and occasionally curious.
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The Otterhound Dog Breeds
The Otterhound
The Otterhound can be friendly but destructive, especially if he's bored. While easygoing, the Otterhound can at times be stubborn if not trained properly.
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The Komondor Dog Breeds
The Komondor
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The Norwegian Lundehund Dog Breeds
The Norwegian Lundehund
The Norweigan Lundehund is an active, curious, loyal family dog but is prone to a set of digestive disorders called Lundehund gastroentropathy.
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The Cesky terrier Dog Breeds
The Cesky Terrier
The Cesky terrier is one of the rarest dog breeds in the world. Among other traits, the Cesky loves to chase small animals and can be stubborn.
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English Foxhound Dog Breeds
The English Foxhound
The English Foxhound is the rarest of foxhound breeds, gets along with kids and cats, and as an energetic breed, needs lots of exercise, space and attention.
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American Foxhounds Dog Breeds
The American Foxhound
The American foxhound originated in 18th-century Virginia and Maryland and was used for fox hunting, competitions, and as a trail hound.
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Norwich terriers Dog Breeds
The Norwich Terrier
Norwich terriers were once ratters, and as a small breed, they make independent, feisty little companions always ready to play and chase.
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Borzoi Dog Breed Dog Breeds
The Borzoi
A favorite of Russian aristorcacy for centuries, the Borzoi is a low energy dog that can be difficult but rewarding to train and is a hunter by nature.
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Silky Terrier Dog Breeds
The Silky Terrier
A terrier at heart, the Silky Terrier is energetic and playful, loves attention, and shouldn't be left alone for too long because of anxiety.
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