Cold Weather

Golden Retriever in the Snow A Pet's Life
Dog falls through the Ice and is saved by Firefighters
We’re taking a look at 13 of the luckiest, most inspiring pets of 2013.
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Cold Weather Tips for Dogs Dog Checkups & Preventive Care
Cold Weather Tips for Dogs
Did you know that not every dog has the same tolerance to the cold?
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Cats and Cars in Cold Weather Cat Checkups & Preventive Care
Cats and Cars in Cold Weather

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Cold Weather Pet Tips Dog Checkups & Preventive Care
Brr! Cold Weather Pet Tips
Keep your pet warm with these tips.
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hypothermia and your pet Dog Diseases & Conditions A-Z
Hypothermia and Your Pet
Hypothermia occurs when body temperature falls below normal. Normal temperature for a dog or cat is 100.5 to 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit.
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Frostbite in Cats and Dogs Dog Diseases & Conditions A-Z
Frostbite in Cats and Dogs
Snow and cold can be just as difficult for our furry friends as it can be for us! “Frostbite” refers to the damage of body tissue that has been exposed to freezing temperatures for an extended period of time.
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Dog Checkups & Preventive Care
Protect Your Pet From the Cold
A coat of fur should not be your pets only defense in low temperatures. Don’t let your pet suffer through frostbite.
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