Seasonal Care

Dog in Halloween costume Dog Checkups & Preventive Care
Halloween Pet Dangers From the Candy Basket and Beyond
Human treats can be deadly for pets, especially on Halloween.
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Dog being rescued A Vet's Life
September: Disaster Preparedness Month
September is National Disaster Preparedness Month, so it's a great time to make sure you're well prepared to care for your pet in the event of a natural disaster.
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Show Your Pet Some Love This Valentine's Day A Vet's Life
Show Your Pet Some Love This Valentine's Day

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Dr. Jeff Werber on dogs in sweaters Dog Checkups & Preventive Care
Dogs In Sweaters: Don't Laugh!
Do you think that sweaters on dogs are funny? Think again.
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The Miracle of the Christmas Bell A Vet's Life
The Miracle of the Christmas Bell
It was around midnight when he heard it. Faintly, from somewhere outside came the gentle tinkling of a bell. At first he thought it was his imagination, but the sound persisted.
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Use these tips from Dr. Laurie Hess to keep your exotic pet happy this winter Reptile Health & Care
Exotic Pets and the Cold
In this video, Dr. Laurie Hess, our exotics expert, discusses ways to keep exotic pets healthy and comfortable when temperatures plummet.
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Splash! 5 great ways to keep your dog safe around water. Dog Checkups & Preventive Care
Splash! 5 Great Ways to Keep Your Dog Safe Around Water
Like children, dogs need supervision around the pool. More safety tips await you here!
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Leaving your dog in a hot car can be downright fatal. Dog Checkups & Preventive Care
How Hot Does it Get in a Parked Car? Ask Dr. Ernie Ward!
Dr. Ernie Ward shows how it feels to be left in a parked car on a hot day.
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Some bones are safe for dogs. Others can cause stomach problems. Cat Checkups & Preventive Care
Seven Summer Cat and Dog Safety Tips
In this video, Dr. Michel Hardaker explains the "ins" and "outs" of giving dogs bones.
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hot weather tips for cats and dogs Seven Summer Cat and Dog Safety Tips
Summer’s here, and that means there are some important things to think about when it comes to your pets.
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