Veterinary Technician

How To Tell If You Have An Awesome Vet My Dog's Veterinarian
How To Tell If You Have An Awesome Vet
An awesome vet means a healthy pet. These are the traits to look for in an extraordinary doctor!
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Veterinary Technician Week! A Vet's Life
Veterinary Technician Week!
It's Veterinary Technician Week! Click here to learn all that veterinary technicians do for your pet.
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adorable greyhound photo A Pet's Life
Pet Parent Runs Loose at National Veterinary Conference, NAVC
Pet Health Network's Editor-In-Chief gets a behind-the-scenes look at what our nation's veterinary conferences look like.
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A Pet's Life
11 New Year's Resolutions From Your Pet
We're going through eleven of our favorite pet-inspired New Year's resolutions!
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A Veterinarian’s Top 5 New Year’s Resolution Recommendations! A Vet's Life
A Veterinarian’s Top 5 New Year’s Resolution Recommendations

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Choosing a Veterinarian My Dog's Veterinarian
Choosing a Veterinarian
Choosing a veterinarian may seem daunting. Use these tips to choose a doctor who suits the needs of you and your pet.
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My Dog's Veterinarian
What is a Veterinary Specialist?
Veterinary specialists have advanced training beyond veterinary school and work in areas such as surgery, anesthesiology, dentistry, pathology, and radiology.
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