xylitol can make dogs like this pug sick Dog Toxins & Poisons
Popular Xylitol Products that can Poison Your Dog
Xylitol, commonly included in toothpastes, sugar-free gum, and other oral care products, can be deadly for dogs.
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Dog about to eat peanut butter Dog Toxins & Poisons
This Popular Peanut Butter Ingredient Could Kill Your Dog
It’s a deadly toxin and one that most pet parents don’t know about. Learn what popular peanut butter brands are toxic for dogs, and why.
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Cat Hair Dye: Is it Safe to Dye Cat Fur? Cat Grooming
Cat Hair Dye: Is it Safe to Dye Cat Fur?
The pink cat that "dyed." Rumors of the pink cat's demise seem to be a hoax, but learn how dye actually could harm a feline.
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The Sugar-free Substance Xylitol is Poison for Dogs. Dog Toxins & Poisons
Xylitol Poisoning In Dogs: A Deadly Sugar Substitue
Chewing gum in the house? Keep it away from the dog.
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