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My Cat is Aggressive

Curbing your cat's unwanted aggression

Posted December 27, 2011 in Cat Behavior

Cat being alert

Inside every soft and cuddly cat is a wild animal just waiting to pounce! To understand and change your cat’s unwanted aggression, you need to know what’s behind it.

Predatory behavior
Cats are natural hunters that like to track and kill. Predatory behavior, such as lying in wait and suddenly pouncing on a real or imaginary creature, is all part of the internal wiring of your cat. This is fine until the imaginary creature becomes your ankle.

Redirect this play aggression with toys designed to allow your cat to pounce and bite safely, far away from your toes and ankles. Sufficient exercise and play should reduce your cat’s need to attack inappropriate prey (such as you)!

Sometimes even laid-back, mellow cats turn aggressive to protect what they consider their territory. Examples of this are sweet mama cats that lunge out to protect their kittens, or the laid-back cat that suddenly attacks when she spies the neighbor’s dog in the backyard.

Both cases can be helped by introducing the “intruder” to the cat’s situation carefully, over time, showing your cat that nothing bad is going to happen when the “bad guy” enters her territory.

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