Cat Behavior

Do you want to change your cat’s behavior? Here you’ll find everything that you need to better understand feline actions and responses.

How Can You Reduce Your Cat's Stress at Home? Cat Behavior
How Can You Reduce Your Cat's Stress at Home?
Have you ever wondered if your cat is stressed? The answer is probably yes at least some of the time. Learn what you can to to help relieve feline stress.
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Finicky Felines Finally Understood – New Study Batters Beliefs About Cat’s Bitter Taste Preferences Cat Behavior
Why Are Cats Such Picky Eaters? New Study May Have Answers
Is your cat a picky eater? Check out what might be contributing to your finicky feline's dining preferences here!
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Why Do Cats Run from the Litter Box After Pooping? Cat Behavior
Why Do Cats Run from the Litter Box After Pooping?
What does a veterinarian have to say about why some cats run from the litter box? You'll be surprised by the answer.
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Exercising With Your Kitten Cat Behavior
Exercising With Your Kitten
Kittens need exercise too. Learn how to train your kitten to exercise the right way and you're in for a world of fun.
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Reducing Your Cat's Fear of the Veterinarian Cat Behavior
Reducing Your Cat's Fear of the Veterinarian
Is your cat afraid to take a trip to the veterinarian's office? This fear can cause harm in more ways than you think, and not just to your cat! Learn how you can reduce fearful visits and improve the bond you share with your cat.
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Shy cat on window sill Cat Behavior
Covered or Uncovered Litter Boxes: Do Cats Really Care?
Does your cat prefer a covered or uncovered litter box? That is the question veterinary researchers from Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine examined in a study published in the April 2013 issue of the Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery. The answers they found may surprise you.
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Cat Behavior
Kitty Litter: Does It Really Matter What Type I Buy?
Clay litter was first introduced in 1947 by Edward Lowe, who used to sell clay to garage owners to soak up oil and gasoline spills. When he realized it worked well in kitty litter boxes, it became an instant success.
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how often do i need to clean my cat's litter box? Cat Behavior
How Often Do I Really Need To Clean My Cat's Litter Box?
Some cats will “hold it” and urinate as infrequently as possible to avoid stepping into a dirty, filthy, full litter box. Instead of urinating two to three times a day, your cat will tighten up and only go once a day.
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Keep your cat happy with multiple litter boxes Cat Behavior
How Many Litter Boxes Do I Need?
While it seems trivial, an unclean litter box can result in serious behavioral and medical problems in cats, such as spraying!
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Is Your Cat Secretly Stressed? Cat Behavior
Is Your Cat Secretly Stressed?
Your cat can hide stress well, and stress can actually cause sickness. Learn to spot the signs early.
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