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The Poodle

Posted December 15, 2014 in Dog Breeds

You may think the Poodle is all style, but the “Poodle clip” that makes the appearance of the Poodle famous was actually designed by hunters to make the dogs more aerodynamic in the water!

The Poodle most likely came from Germany, where it was first known as the Pudelhund. Pudel means "to splash about" in German, and the world hund in German means "dog." As the “Splashing Dog,” the Poodle was used as a water retriever by hunters and still is today. The Poodle’s curly, moisture-resistant coat makes it a great swimming breed. 

The Poodle was bred in three sizes: Standard, Miniature, and Toy. The Standard Poodle is the oldest of the three breeds, and the Toy Poodle was actually developed in eighteenth century England. Today, the Poodle is the eighth most popular breed of dog in the United States. 

the poodleSizing Up
The three sizes of Poodle mean that there’s something for everyone. The Standard Poodle can reach about 15 inches in height (to the shoulders) and 45-70 pounds; the Miniature Poodle averages 11-15 inches in height and 15-17 pounds; and the Toy Poodle averages 10 inches in height and 6-9 pounds. 
Standard Poodles live 11-12 years, while Miniature and Toy Poodles have a median lifespan of 14 years. However, some Toy Poodles can live up to 20 years. 
Poodles also share some common characteristics:

  • A single-layer coat of dense and curly fur, which is either soft and wavy or coarse and wooly
  • Broad range of color, including single or multi-colored, white, black, gray, silver, brown, beige, apricot, brindle, and more


The Poodle is generally a healthy breed with a few concerns to watch for:

  • A disease in which the adrenal glands are incapable of producing enough of the hormones cortisol and aldosterone

Cushing's Syndrome

  • A condition opposite of Addison's Disease that occurs when your dog’s adrenal glands produce too much cortisol

Mitral valve disease

  • A condition that occurs when the mitral valve of the heart weakens and can no longer close properly, causing blood to leak back into the left atrium which can lead to heart failure.


  • A disease caused by a decrease in metabolism due to an under-active thyroid hormone

Patellar luxation

  • A knee condition where one or both kneecaps can accidentally slip out of place

What are they like?
Poodles are brilliant. No, really: the Poodle is among the smartest dog breeds in the world! You’ll

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