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Mutant Spider Dog: Funny or Dangerous? A Vet's Perspective

Posted September 08, 2014 in A Vet's Life

Ever watch a YouTube video that makes you laugh out loud? Then after you laugh you think, “Wow, that was really stupid and really dangerous.” The more you think about the footage, the guiltier you feel for watching the stupid thing in the first place and the more lethal outcomes you dream up. I just had that reaction after watching the latest video from Polish prankster SA Wardega.

[Editor’s Note: The video linked below depicts graphic, albeit fake, acts of violence. Do not follow the link if you are uncomfortable viewing this kind of video. Furthermore, any other content posted under this YouTube account has not been vetted by Dr. Ernie Ward or Pet Health Network.]

The video is called “Mutant Giant Spider Dog.” It was funny, stupid, and more than a little risky.

The spider/dog video
If you haven’t scored one of the almost 58-million views of this insanely viral video, don't feel bad. Wardega’s main claim to fame is his secretly filmed creepy-but-comical gags. Think smashup between “Candid Camera” and “Twilight Zone.” He also stages highly inappropriate scenarios on unsuspecting Poles so be forewarned if you’re watching at work or around children.  Anyway, the “Mutant Giant Spider Dog” video opens on a darkened street with, what else, an orc taking his enormous arachnid for a midnight stroll. “Isc (Go!)” The orc growls and releases his arthropod into the night. Weird so far, but I’m wondering where the “dog” comes in.

It’s a dog in a spider costume, get it?! A Mutant Giant Spider! And that’s the joke: A dog dressed as a spider springs on friends, lovers, and loners in the middle of a pitch-black night. Someone opens the door to their apartment building and out runs the spider/dog. Shock! Screams! You giggle. The funnies progress to more elaborately evil scenes: dangling corpses from trees, bloody body parts strung in eerie underground corridors, and a bloody elevator act. Dupes are startled when the spider/dog dashes toward them and they fend and flee for their lives. And that’s when I realized that maybe this wasn’t so funny after all. It was potentially downright dangerous.

What you should know about me: I’m a bit of a prankster myself. Not at Wardega’s level, mind you, but I’ve been known to drop a whoopee cushion on an innocent vet tech or three.

Another fact about me: I love to hate “America’s Funny

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