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Where To Find Green Pet Products

Dr. Ruth MacPete, DVM

Posted April 23, 2013 in A Vet's Life

Dr. Ruth MacPete talks about where to find the best green pet products. For more from Dr. MacPete, find her on Facebook or at!

In my last blog I discussed ways to make your pet live greener, including buy ing eco-friendly pet products. But how do you which products are green and where can you find them? To make it easier to buy from environmentally friendly companies I have listed some of my favorites:

P.L.A.Y (Pet Lifestyle and You) makes a number of stylish eco-friendly beds for dogs and cats. Their beds have removable washable covers for easy cleaning and their filling is made from certified-safe, 100% post-consumer recycled products. To minimize waste and promote recycling and reusing, they also sell replacement duvet covers so you don’t have to buy a new bed when the old bed gets too smelly. My dog Oski loves his P.L.A.Y bed. To read about their company and browse their products, go to

Harry Barker is known for making a variety of high-quality dog and cat products. They also have a strong commitment to making eco-friendly products. They sell biodegradable shampoos, biodegradable poop bags with recycled dispensers, beds and toys made from hemp and recycled filling, fashionable collars and leashes made from 100% polyethylene terephthalate), and all natural pet treats. To browse their extensive collection of products, go to

Earth Dog is no newcomer to the field. They have been making eco-friendly pet products for 15 years. Earth Dog makes collars, leashes, harnesses, beds, and chew toys from environmentally friendly hemp and their products are all handmade in the U.S.A. Hemp is 100% biodegradable, grown pesticide and herbicide free, and is stronger than cotton fibers. I love their decorative collars and leashes. To see these products go to

From the Field has a selection of dog and cat toys made from organic hemp but they are best known for their organic catnip. They sell catnip in various forms: catnip buds, leaf and flower mixtures, pellets, mulched buds, and essential oil. As you can imagine my cats think this company is fabulous! To find out more about their toys and catnip selection, go to

Planet Dog makes a line of eco-friendly dog products. They have a dog ball tosser made from recycled cork and sustainable bamboo, chew toys and balls made from recycled material, and leashes

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