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5 Things Vets Hate About Kidney Disease in Cats … And How That’s About to Change

Amazingly, kidney Disease will impact 40% of cats under 15 and 80% of cats over. The thing vets hate most about it? Catching it too late. Learn why, and how it's all about to change.

cat hiding behind chair

Learn the signs of pain so that you can spot it early in your cat.

Jackson Galaxy

Learn how Jackson Galaxy became Cat Boy!

Joyce Briggs and shelter cat

Learn why the ACC&D is offering a $25 million prize to benefit cats and dogs everywhere.

Scared cat on Halloween

Halloween can be a dangerous time for cats. Guard your cat with these reminders.

Old cat enjoying long life

Learn the secrets that helped George live to 22 years.

Sad cat is not eating

Find out what happened when nobody could find the object bothering this cat.

obese cat looks at the camera

New research is out to find out if stem cells taken from fat can help with a disease that affects 1 in 3 cats.

Kate Hurley Shelter Siamese Cat

Dr. Kate Hurley and Dr. Julie Levy are founders of the million cat challenge. Learn how this initiative is saving cat lives.