The Manx Cat Breeds
The Manx
The tail-less, althetic Manx is one smart breed of cat and often has no trouble getting into cabinets or drawers if not cat-proofed.
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LaPerm Cat Breeds
The LaPerm
The LaPerm is a climber at heart, loving to climb to new heights. As an active breed, the LaPerm are healthy cats with no known genetic diseases.
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Samoyed Dog Breeds
The Samoyed
The Samoyed is not only an active breed of dog, he also thrives in snowy, cold weather conditions and can sometimes bark more than desired.
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Dogue de Bordeaux Dog Breeds
The Dogue de Bordeaux
A great guard dog, The Dogue de Bordeaux comes in a variety of personalities but is always loyal and a funny, loveable addition to any family.
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Chow Chow Dog Breeds
The Chow Chow
Chow Chows may be fluffy, but they don't love being cuddled. As serious, dedicated dogs that are sometimes aggressive, Chow Chows can be tough to train.
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the cymric Cat Breeds
The Cymric
The Cymric is an intelligent, playful breed of cat that is a master of using his paws, sometimes to open cabinets and doors. The Cymric is great with kids.
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Dog Breeds
The Italian Greyhound
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Colorpoint Shorthair Cat Breeds
The Colorpoint Shorthair
The Colorpoint Shorthair comes in sixteen different colors and, as an extrovert like the Siamese, loves to play and adores his owners.
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English Cocker Spaniel Dog Breeds
The English Cocker Spaniel
The English Cocker Spaniel is a sweet, intellgient breed that is easily trained but requires consistent, twice-daily exercise and playtime.
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Korat Cat Breeds
The Korat
The Korat is typically the alpha in his home. Gentle and snuggly, the Korat is unfortunately prone to some health problems unique to his breed.
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