A New Study Leads Some to Assume that Cats Don’t Love Us – Not True! A Vet's Life
Do Cats Love Us? New Study Findings
A review of a study that looked at cats reactions to their owners.
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The Top 5 States for Pet Obesity A Pet's Life
The Top 5 States for Pet Obesity
Find out why the state you live in may play a factor in why your cat or dog is obese and what you can do about it.
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Breathing Problems in dogs and cats: Dyspnea Dog Diseases & Conditions A-Z
Breathing Problems in Dogs and Cats: Dyspnea
As a pet owner, you have to be able to observe the difference between dyspnea and tachypnea, because dyspnea is a life-threatening emergency. Most of the time pets are tachypneic first, which can serve as your first clue that dyspnea may be on the way.
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Pet Trusts and Pet Wills Dog Checkups & Preventive Care
Pet Trusts and Pet Wills
Learn why more and more people are deciding to arrange for their pets in their wills.
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Sad black diabetic dog Dog Diseases & Conditions A-Z
Diabetes Complications in Dogs and Cats: Diabetes Ketoacidosis (DKA)
When diabetic dogs go undiagnosed, the complication of DKA can occur.
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Dog Diseases & Conditions A-Z
Dog and Cat Nose Bleeds: Epistaxis
Nose bleeds - often medically called “epistaxis” - are never normal in dogs or cats. When they occur, they can quickly turn into severe bleeding and be accompanied by secondary signs of shock.
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Cat Diseases & Conditions A-Z
Feline Calicivirus: A Cat Upper Respiratory Infection
Calicivirus and other feline URIs are highly contagious infections that can result in mild to severe clinical signs (especially in immunosuppressed or very young kittens).
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When to Consider Euthanasia for Your Dog or Cat End-of-Life Support & Grieving Cats
When to Consider Euthanasia for Your Dog or Cat
The special relationship that exists between pets and people is a strong bond that has undoubtedly existed since the ancient domestication of anim
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The Vet Files: Why Is My Cat Suddenly Peeing on the Floor? Cat Diseases & Conditions A-Z
The Vet Files: Why Is My Cat Suddenly Peeing on the Floor?
A friend and cat lover recalls: "My cat, Catnip, peed on the floor! At first, I was so mad at him. I locked him up in the basement with his litter box, food and water. The urine looked a little red, but I was convinced he was fine since he was acting normally otherwise
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A Pet's Life
11 New Year's Resolutions From Your Pet
We're going through eleven of our favorite pet-inspired New Year's resolutions!
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