Dog Diet & Nutrition

With all of the choices out there, knowing what you can and can’t feed your dog can be tricky. Here you’ll find all the information you need to provide your dog with a healthy diet.

Dog refusing to eat Dog Diet & Nutrition
Why is My Dog a Picky Eater?
It's not as strange as you might think to have a dog that's a picky eater. Learn how to keep your dog eating healthy and well.
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Dog with pumpkins in a wheelbarrow Dog Diet & Nutrition
Does Canned Pumpkin Help with Dog Diarrhea?
Canned pumpkin might be recommended by your veterinarian to help with diarrhea or constipation in your dog. Find out why, and what the benefits are.
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Veterinarian holding a fish oil pill Dog Diet & Nutrition
Five Dog Diseases Fish Oil Can Help Treat
Fish oil is certainly a popular supplement these days for health conscious people. There are many proven benefits, and we now know that many of these same benefits also apply to our canine companions. Learn more about five types of diseases that can be treated with fish oil.
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Feeding Senior Dogs Dog Diet & Nutrition
Feeding Senior Dogs
We all want to live long, healthy lives and so do our dogs! Learn how your dogs food and nutrition play a big role in keeping him healthy and happy in his later years.
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A Valentine’s Day Fit for a Dog Dog Diet & Nutrition
DIY Recipe: Valentine's Day Doggy Biscuits
Valentine’s Day- a cute and beautiful holiday for you to spend with your significant other. But what about the other highly significant others in your life? Your fur babies! Check out these two videos if you'd like to see what a Dog-gone cute Valentine's Day looks like.
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Do looking guilty Dog Diet & Nutrition
Pets Eat the Darnedest Things

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Obesity, Pets, and Nutrition Dog Diet & Nutrition
Obesity, Pets, and Nutrition
It has been estimated that up to 50% of dogs and cats in this country are overweight or, worse yet, obese.
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Does Food Cause Bloat? Dog Diet & Nutrition
Does Food Cause Bloat?
Does food cause bloat in dogs? Do certain ingredients contribute to excessive gas production in the stomach of dogs? Does elevated feeding help?
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pup tarts for valentines day Dog Diet & Nutrition
Valentine's Pup Tarts: For the Dogs In Your Life
I love celebrating holidays with my pets. When Valentine’s Day rolls around, I like to spoil my lovely wife with dark chocolate and my dogs these super-easy and wholesome treats.
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Guilty dog Dog Diet & Nutrition
Why Do Pooches Eat Poop?
You might think that such a foul habit points something abnormal such as a nutritional deficiency or that it means Fido’s not getting enough to eat, but according to Hart, that’s not true.
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