What is the IDEXX SDMA Test and How Might it Help My Cat or Dog Live Longer?

What is the SDMA Test?IDEXX’s new SDMA blood test is a simple way for veterinarians to screen for and spot early signs of kidney disease in your cat or dog, while there is time to do something about it. Think of it this way, you probably get your cholesterol tested every year. If the cholesterol is too high, your doctor recommends a lifestyle plan. Similarly, annual IDEXX SDMA screening is an opportunity for you and your veterinarian to understand your pet’s health more completely. If SDMA levels are elevated, your veterinarian can prescribe a plan that could help preserve your pet’s kidneys.3

If your pet has kidney disease, SDMA can also help your veterinarian determine how advanced the disease is, enabling your pet to get the right treatment plan while there is still time to impact their quality of life.3

As the health advocate for your furry family members, be sure to
ask your veterinarian for the IDEXX SDMA test.

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Reviewed on: 
Monday, December 14, 2015