Many Cats and Dogs are victims of domestic violence A Pet's Life
New Hope for People and Pets Affected by Domestic Violence
Learn how a new program is protecting people and pets from domestic violence.
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Fiona on Couch A Pet's Life
How My Former Puppy Mill Dog Changed All of My Pet Health Assumptions
When my dog was diagnosed with cancer I thought she would not be a good candidate for treatment. Then, Fiona changed all of my assumptions.
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Pit Bull mix close up A Pet's Life
Homeless Puppy Finds Firefighters in Time of Desperation
A homeless puppy wandered into a fire station where firefighters took her to safety.
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Tiny black kitten with blue eyes A Pet's Life
Determined Kitten Walks with Tiny Wheelchair in Place of Missing Back Legs
Watch Cassidy, the adorable kitten with no hind legs walk for the first time using a tiny wheelchair!
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Dog peeking through hole A Pet's Life
Pregnant Dog Survives Being Buried Alive Beneath the City
After hearing barking and cries for help, a man uncovers a pregnant dog who had been buried alive beneath a city sidewalk.
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Border Collie running in the street A Pet's Life
Stray Dog Jumps In Front of Speeding Truck to Save Little Girl
A stray dog from Oklahoma City is being called hero after stepping between a vehicle and a little girl, saving her life.
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Setter laying down A Pet's Life
Trapped in a Cistern: Dog Rescued by Loyal Setter
One dog stuck in ravine, another that refuses to abandon her. Learn what happens next.
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Sad Lab mix A Vet's Life
Collar Causes Horrific Neck Wound: Amazing Dog Survives
This very brave dog survived a heartbreaking amount of neglect, and deserves a loving home.
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Monkey and Dr. Ruth MacPete holding an armadillo A Vet's Life
Dr. MacPete: My Exciting Trip to The Monkey Farm in Costa Rica
Dr. Ruth MacPete took a trip to Costa Rica where she learned about an amazing group of volunteers. Find out how The Monkey Farm is helping at risk animals.
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Cat Saves 3-Year-Old’s Life From Stray Bullet: Called Hero A Pet's Life
Cat Saves 3-Year-Old’s Life From Stray Bullet: Called Hero
When a stray bullet entered a home in York, PA, a cat named Opie saves the day.
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