Pregnant Dog Survives Being Buried Alive Beneath the City

The town of Voronezh, Russia received horrific news when a man heard barking coming from beneath the sidewalk. After some digging, he discovered a pregnant dog who had been buried alive and left for dead, reports The Dodo.

Video posted by Vadim Rustam.

How she ended up beneath the sidewalk
Prior to the incident, a sinkhole had formed and city workers were called to patch that part of the sidewalk. However, in doing so, they may or may not have known they were also patching up the area where the pregnant dog was.

How she was discovered
Vadim Rustam is a local resident who lives in front of the sidewalk where the dog was crying for help. He and his family heard her cries beneath the freshly-laid bricks. He called the housing authorities for help, but they told him it was out of their hands. 

Rustam knew something had to be done and decided to take matters into his own hands to free the barking dog. He ripped up the bricks and dug until he found the poor pooch. It’s a miracle she was still alive, despite being alone in an enclosed space and not having access to food and water for days. 

Why the dog was trapped is still unclear, but thanks to one honorable man she and her unborn puppies are alive today. Vadim Rustam is a hero, he didn’t just pass by when he heard her cries, he stood up to help. Great job Vadim!

It’s hard to believe someone is capable of committing such terrible acts of animal cruelty, however, it’s not the first case we’ve seen. Just last month a senior dog was buried alive and saved thanks to another good Samaritan >>

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