Cat Behavior

Do you want to change your cat’s behavior? Here you’ll find everything that you need to better understand feline actions and responses.

Keep your cat happy with multiple litter boxes Cat Behavior
How Many Litter Boxes Do I Need?
While it seems trivial, an unclean litter box can result in serious behavioral and medical problems in cats, such as spraying!
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Is Your Cat Secretly Stressed? Cat Behavior
Is Your Cat Secretly Stressed?
Your cat can hide stress well, and stress can actually cause sickness. Learn to spot the signs early.
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Help! How do I Keep My Cat Out of the Christmas Tree? Cat Behavior
Help! How do I Keep My Cat Out of the Christmas Tree?
Christmas trees make a tempting and dangerous target for our feline friends. Learn how to protect your tree and your cat.
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Why Does My Cat Stare at Me? Cat Behavior
Why Does My Cat Stare at Me?
We answer the question on the minds of so many cat guardians: why do cats stare? Learn the truth about this feline behavior.
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Do Cats Fear the Water? Cat Behavior
Do Cats Fear The Water?
Do cats hate the water? You may be surprised. Explore the relationship between feline and bath time.
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Cat Myths - vet visits Cat Behavior
Cat Myths Debunked
Cat myths abound in the U.S. and for many it’s difficult to know what to believe. Fortunately, Pet Health Network is prepared to debunk these rumors that often leave you with the wrong impression about felines.
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The Feline That Feared the Couch Cat Behavior
The Cat That Feared the Couch
Elimination disorders typically fall into two broad categories: physiological and psychological causes.
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Cat Behavior
Our Top Litter Box Tips to Keep Your Cat Happy
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Why does my cat hack up balls of fur? Cat Behavior
Gross! Why do Cats Cough Up Hairballs?
Hairballs are something that most cats will contend with at some point in life.
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Accidents outside the litter box Cat Behavior
Accidents outside the litter box
In this video, Casey explains why it's important to take consult your veterinarian if your cat is having frequent accidents outside the litter box
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