Your Cat's Heart: Feline Heart Disease

Heart disease in cats is more common than you may think

Early intervention is helpful for people with heart disease — and it’s a good thing for your cat, too. Learning more about your pet’s disease and working closely with your veterinarian can improve the quality of your cat’s life.

Your cat depends on you. Learn how to protect and care for your cat’s heart by following any of the links below.

Your Cat's Heart

Heart Disease

A cat can develop heart disease years before you notice any symptoms. Additionally, some breeds are at a greater risk for it. Learn about this serious condition here: Feline Heart Disease

How can routine checkups help protect your cat from heart disease? Don’t miss this video: Heart Disease in Cats

Your Cat’s Heart

Chronic Valvular Heart Disease

Like your heart, your cat’s is a four-chambered pump made of muscle. Heart valves keep blood flowing in the right direct, but what happens when these valves breakdown?

Learn about it here: Chronic Valvular Heart Disease in Cats

Your Cat’s Heart

Congestive Heart Failure and Pleural Effusion

Congestive heart failure occurs when a diseased heart can no longer function adequately to meet the daily demands.  As a result, fluid may build up in the chest cavity around the lungs and the heart making it difficult for the cat to breathe.  Called pleural effusion, the fluid prevents the cat’s lungs from fully expanding. 

Learn more about it here: Pleural Effusion

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Friday, June 6, 2014