11 Pets Sound Off for Independence Day

In honor of Independence Day, we asked pet parents on our Facebook page what beliefs their pets would share. We loved the photos and responses so much that we simply had to share some of our favorites. Check our favorites out below, or see all the great submissions on the original Facebook post.

1. I believe in freedom for all

Photo by Jeanne Morgan McCurdy

2. I believe in peaceful naps

Photo by Crystal Benboe

3. I believe a positive attitude makes all the difference

Photo by Kristina Horvath

4. I believe in smiling for the camera

Photo by Jennifer Malone

5. I believe in sleeping in

Photo by Janis St Clair

6. I believe you'll give me a treat

Photo by Jodi Rybczynski

7. I believe that bringing you socks will get me treats

Photo by Martha Jean Stoudemire

8. I believe in sunny days and lots of water

Photo by Terrie Stephens

9. He believes that he is big

Photo by Karen Curry

10. I believe in riding in style

Photo by Christy Peterson

11. I believe in keeping people guessing

Photo by Jim Knapp

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Reviewed on: 
Tuesday, July 1, 2014