Cats Dominated The Viral Videos This Week–See How!

Time to have some more fun with viral videos! Did you miss last week’s? No problem, click here to catch up.

Then, get ready for some more, “Awwww.” If you’re looking for some adorable internet felines (and aren’t we all?) look no further...

1. A furry homecoming
This vocal ball of fur is definitely not shy when it comes to showing emotion. Not only dogs get excited for homecomings, points out video poster, wildlimeyogi.

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2. Cats just being, you know, cats
The Dodo posted an awesome compilation of cats knocking things over and it is nothing short of hilarious.

3. I didn't do it!
Did you think it was going to be all cats? YouTube user, so Snanoudj, posted a cute little video of Niko, the definitely guilty Frenchie, trying to slip away when asked if he chewed the pen.

4. Yawns are contagious
Another user, ignoramusky, caught an adorable trio of Scottish Fold kittens who can’t stop making each other yawn– and now I can’t stop either!

5. The cone of shame won't stop this thirsty feline!
Leave it to AFVApproved to find hilarious videos of animals. This one should definitely get a giggle out of you.

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