Cat Survives a fall from the 11th Floor

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Perhaps the saying “Cats have 9 lives” should be amended to 11 after a cat, Wasabi, fell from an 11th floor apartment window. The story was reported by Jennifer Canfield of Juneau Empire. Stephanie Gustafson lives on the 11th floor of an apartment building in downtown Juneau, Alaska where her cat, Wasabi, followed a mosquito right out of the window.

According to Juneau Empire, Stephanie normally shuts her windows for safety but this one had been opened just enough to let the cat through. Gustafson’s mother witnessed the cat fall and rushed over to where she landed. She found her, “sitting in this corner [with] her eyes closed a little bit. Her paw was limp. She was really quiet. She wasn’t meowing in pain or anything.” Wasabi was curled up next to a metal box, bloody and soaked from rain, about 15 feet away from the building.

Juneau Empire further reports that Wasabi was taken to an emergency veterinarian clinic for X-rays where it was determined she needed surgery. She had a few broken bones in her elbow and a fractured radius. “She’s got about six weeks to heal. I’m going to have to keep her in a small area so she doesn’t play much,” commented Ms. Gustafson. “I’m just happy she’s alive. She’s like my little baby.” 

This miraculous story is a great reminder of how important it is to keep your windows screened when living with cats, or any pets. Feline High-Rise Syndrome should be taken very seriously; we love our pets and never want to come face to face with a situation such as this. Check out ASPCA’s article about high-rise syndrome to help keep your pets safe.

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