Heroic Dog Saves Family by Jumping in Front of Bullet

A case of road-rage inspired a very heroic German shepherd to act in Atlanta on November 28th.  Reported by Michael Pearson of CNN, the incident transpired after an altercation arose on the road. The furious driver then followed the family’s SUV to the nearby mall and began shooting.

Bullets shattered the windows of the SUV, which had several children inside. In the surveillance video below, you can see the family dog limping away after the incident. An unnamed witness says that when the bullets hit the car, the brave German shepherd dog jumped out and took a bullet that may have been intended for the children. “The dog took the bullet for the kids so the kids would be safe.”

Unfortunately the German Shepherd was critically wounded and hurried away behind the building to die without the children seeing.

While the dog’s name remains unknown, the shepherd's final actions tell us all we need to know about the dog's character. No doubt that this family will always be grateful to an amazing dog.