Junkyard Dog Risks Life, Travels Miles Alone Daily to Care for Friends

Lilica isn’t your average junkyard dog and her story may be shocking to those unused to seeing how many dogs live outside North America. Even so, her actions speak volumes for why dogs can be oh-so-special creatures. Abandoned in a Brazilian junkyard, Lilica began roaming farther for food to feed her 8 puppies. But she didn’t stop there - even after her puppies were grown and adopted, Lilica continued bringing food back to feed the other animals in the junkyard. Watch the amazing video below, or read more of her story after, and you too will see why this is one of the most popular videos on YouTube today. 

Posted by Hilton De Paoli.

The abandonment
Lilica was abandoned in a Junkyard in São Carlos, Brazil and left with nothing but her positive attitude. She was welcomed in open arms by Mrs. Neire, owner of the junkyard, and joined an array of other animals who made it their home. Lilica was a friend to all, including the people, the children, other dogs, cats and even chickens. But life for a junkyard dog isn't easy and, like many others, Lilica had to fend for herself.

More mouths to feed
3 years before the video was posted, Lilica gave birth to 8 puppies, making her struggle even harder. Finding food when you’re living in junkyard doesn’t come easy, so Lilica traveled far and wide in search of food for her puppies. She walked along dangerous highways during the night, walking miles to find anything she could. Thanks to her hard work, Lilica's puppies grew up and were adopted, but her roaming didn't end there. 

Helping other animals in need
In the video, Mrs. Neire explains, “In the beginning she brought food to her puppies, but in time she began bringing food for the other animals here in the junkyard as well.” How was she able to help all of these animals? Let’s just say she sniffed the right trashcan, a trashcan belonging to animal lover, Lucia Helena De Souza.

Lucia noticed the dog looking for food and she brought some out for her. From here, a pattern emerged -- Lucia would bring food out for Lilica, who would eat. "One day she stopped eating, grabbed to food bag and started to run away. But the food was dropping along the way," Lucia told reporters. The next night Lucia started tying up the bag once Lilica had finished so the leftovers wouldn't fall out. This happened over and over again, every night for three years.

Lucia became curious so she followed the brave dog one night. What she discovered was amazing -- Lilica was sharing her food with the rest of her junkyard friends. Lucia told reporters, “I don’t travel, I don’t go places and stay for too long because of her… because I know she relies on me, so it’s a commitment that I have with her, and a commitment she has with me too, cause she comes everyday.”

It's no wonder this video keeps coming back up since its original posting in 2013. Lilica and Lucia give us hope and show the difference just one individual, dog or human, can make.

How you can help
Paoli, the poster of the video, explains Lilica is very shy and doesn’t like the limelight- although she deserves it. He is trying to find ways to support Lilica. If you’d like to help out, visit his YouTube channel.

If you have any questions or concerns, you should always visit or call your veterinarian -- they are your best resource to ensure the health and well-being of your pets.

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Wednesday, August 5, 2015