This Time the Tortoise Might Actually Beat the Hare

Mrs. T, a 90-year-old tortoise, sustained terrible loss after  a rat chewed off her two front legs while she was hibernating in Pembroke, West Wales, reports the U.K. Telegraph.

The Ryder family, Mrs. T’s caretakers, were devastated, “We were hoping initially there was going to be enough, some stumps left so that we could fix some prosthetic legs to her. But unfortunately, too much of the legs had to be cut off so we ended up coming up with the idea of wheels,” said Jude Ryder.

They used wheels from a model aircraft and glued them onto Mrs. T’s shell. “It was like fitting her with a turbo charger – she’s going double the speed she used to,” explains Ryder. “She uses her back legs to push herself along."

The local veterinarian feared that Mrs. T wouldn’t survive without legs, but with some creativity and the help of her son, , a mechanical engineer, Ryder found a way. The wheels were attached to the front of the shell using resin.

“We were afraid she may have to be put down, but her new set of wheels have saved her life,” said. Ryder. “She has the run of the garden again and we can always find her because she leaves very strange tracks wherever she goes.”

Mrs. T may live another 50 years! Watch the video below of this adorable tortoise.

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