These Best Friends Are a Great Way to End Your Friday A Pet's Life
These Best Friends Are a Great Way to End Your Friday!
Animals have so much love to give, and these videos sure do prove it!
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This Time the Tortoise Might Actually Beat the Hare A Pet's Life
This Time the Tortoise Might Actually Beat the Hare
An incredible story of a disabled tortoise getting wheels!
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Rescued Baby Bird is Returned to Parents A Pet's Life
Lost Baby Bird: What Happens Next Will Give You Feel-Good Chills!
Watch what happens when a good samaritan finds a baby bird trapped inside a PVC pipe and then returned to it's parents.
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Bird Health & Care
Egg Binding in Birds and Reptiles
Egg-binding in birds and reptiles occurs when a female is unable to lay an egg, meaning it remains within the reproductive tract indefinitely.
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Small Animal Health & Care
Rodents: More Than Just Vermin
Rodents are more than just vermin. These adorable, fuzzy pets can make great pets, including Guinea pigs, rats, degus, chinchillas, and gerbils.
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Reptiles: Part 2 Reptile Health & Care
Reptiles: Part 2
I'd like to continue that discussion in Part two of my reptile blog. Below are two more great options for anyone looking to add a reptile to their family.
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Reptiles 101 Reptile Health & Care
Reptiles 101
Some people love them. Others fear them. Regardless, most of us would agree that they are at least very interesting to look at.
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exotic pets Small Animal Health & Care
The Top Reasons Why It's Great To Be An Exotic Pet!
We all know how much dog and cat owners dote on their pets and how lucky pampered pooches and coddled kitties can be to have great homes, but most of us don’t realize that exotic animals can be kept happily in households, as well.
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A Vet's Life
What Should I Do with Baby Wildlife?
That baby dog might just be a fox!
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