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Wet parrot after bath Bird Health & Care
Warm Weather Tips For Exotic Pets
Like dogs and cats, exotic pets such as birds, rabbits, lizards, and guinea pigs need to stay cool and comfortable during the summer months.
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Small Animal Health & Care
May Is National Allergy Month: Alternative Pets for Allergic Owners
Are you allergic to cats and dogs? There are some great exotic pets for people with allergies, including reptiles, birds, and amphibians.
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Bird Health & Care
Egg Binding in Birds and Reptiles
Egg-binding in birds and reptiles occurs when a female is unable to lay an egg, meaning it remains within the reproductive tract indefinitely.
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Small Animal Health & Care
Rodents: More Than Just Vermin
Rodents are more than just vermin. These adorable, fuzzy pets can make great pets, including Guinea pigs, rats, degus, chinchillas, and gerbils.
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Parrots, Problems, and the Power of the Positive Bird Health & Care
Parrots, Problems, and the Power of the Positive
It happens every year. Birds scream. People scream back. As the days get longer and temperatures start to climb, the screaming gets worse. Some pet parrots scream all year long, but many scream louder when their hormonal clocks get wound up in spring as they are looking to mate.
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Reptiles: Part 2 Reptile Health & Care
Reptiles: Part 2
I'd like to continue that discussion in Part two of my reptile blog. Below are two more great options for anyone looking to add a reptile to their family.
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Reptiles 101 Reptile Health & Care
Reptiles 101
Some people love them. Others fear them. Regardless, most of us would agree that they are at least very interesting to look at.
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Adopt a bird! Bird Health & Care
January Is National Adopt a Rescued Bird Month!
There are thousands of abandoned, homeless birds in need of adoption, and with the aid of the Internet, you can actually see and learn about them without ever leaving your house.
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Tips for Keeping Your Exotic Pet Safe from Household Toxins Small Animal Health & Care
Tips for Keeping Your Exotic Pet Safe from Household Toxins
All of us with exotic pets strive to give our pets a safe and comfortable home. But, as we animal lovers know, our pets tend to get into anything and everything, given the opportunity.
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exotic pets Small Animal Health & Care
The Top Reasons Why It's Great To Be An Exotic Pet!
We all know how much dog and cat owners dote on their pets and how lucky pampered pooches and coddled kitties can be to have great homes, but most of us don’t realize that exotic animals can be kept happily in households, as well.
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