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Bunny Care 101 Small Animal Health & Care
Bunny Care 101
Rabbits can be great pets if taken care of properly, including a proper vegetarian diet, lots of attention, and preventive medical care.
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Exotics 101: Picking Your Perfect Pet Small Animal Health & Care
Exotics 101: Picking Your Perfect Pet
Exotic pets – large and small, from parakeets to geckos to hedgehogs – can make wonderful companions, but unfortunately, many are purchased on a whim. Many exotic pets are highly intelligent creatures that require a great deal of attention and care.
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Tips for Keeping Your Exotic Pet Safe During Cold Weather Reptile Health & Care
Tips for Keeping Your Exotic Pet Safe During Cold Weather
Storms and cold temperatures are never fun to deal with, but if you live any place where the seasons change, you will undoubtedly have to face inclement weather at some point this winter. How do you keep your bird or exotic pet healthy when the temperature plummets? Here are a few tips to help keep your bird or other exotic pet safe.
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exotic pet Small Animal Health & Care
Why Choose an Exotic Pet, Anyway?
My answer to this question is that there is no single answer. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with cats and dogs; I love these animals and have several of my own, in addition to my exotic family members.
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United Kingdom All Pet Health
United Kingdom
Here, on Pet Health Network, you’ll find the resources and expertise needed to protect and monitor your pet from countless diseases and conditions. We’re confident that these articles will help you strengthen your bond with your own veterinarian and put you in position to be your pet’s best advocate when it comes to healthcare concerns.
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Preventive Care: Why Does My Pet Need a Checkup? All Pet Health
Preventive Care: Why Does My Pet Need a Checkup?
As pet parents, we want our pets to live the longest, happiest and healthiest lives possible with us. Regular checkups are an essential part of keeping any pet healthy. In fact, the American Veterinary Medical Association and the American Animal Hospital Association's preventive care guidelines say that dogs and cats should visit the veterinarian at least annually, and in many cases, more frequent healthy-pet checkups should happen more often than that. Learn more about the importance of bringing your pet to the veterinarian for checkups here, as well as some surprising things that may signal a visit to the veterinarian is in order.
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Welcome to Immunotherapy: What Is It and What Do I Need to Know? All Pet Health
Welcome to Immunotherapy: What Is It and What Do I Need to Know?
Congratulations! Together, you and your veterinarian have decided that immunotherapy may be right for your pet.
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Horse Health & Care
Choosing an Excellent Boarding Facility
In an ideal world our horses would always be just a few steps away.
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Bird Health & Care
Sex and the Single Parrot: Insights for Bewildered Bird Owners
According to a recent study, men think about sex 18 times each day, while women think about it 10 times each day. Should we be surprised that parrots that live in very large social flocks in the wild also are obsessed with sex?
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Use these tips from Dr. Laurie Hess to keep your exotic pet happy this winter Reptile Health & Care
Exotic Pets and the Cold
In this video, Dr. Laurie Hess, our exotics expert, discusses ways to keep exotic pets healthy and comfortable when temperatures plummet.
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