Dog Behavior
Puppy Socialization and the Sensitive Period: When is it, and is it important?
Dr. Sophia Yin, the Pet Health Network's resident behavioralist, explains how and why we know that socializing puppies is important. Several ground-breaking studies have shown that the earlier socialization starts, the more well-adjusted a dog will become in later years.
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Dog looking up at owner Dog Toxins & Poisons
Top 10 Canine Toxins: Part II
Take the time to pet-proof your house to avoid accidental poisonings to your pets.
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The Top 10 Canine Toxins Dog Toxins & Poisons
The Top 10 Canine Toxins: Part I
When it comes to mouse and rat poisons, there are several different active ingredients and types of action, making all of them potentially poisonous to dogs.
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That Microchip Just Might Save Your Pet's Life! Dog Checkups & Preventive Care
That Microchip Just Might Save Your Pet's Life!
An identification tag isn't always enough to keep pets safe when they run away. Microchips are safe, permanent, and can save lives.
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Not enough cats go to the veterinarian Cat Checkups & Preventive Care
What's Up, Cat Owners?
There are more cats than dogs in the U.S., but far fewer cats than dogs receive veterinary care. Preventive care is more important than ever.
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Dr. Ernie's Top 10 Cat Dental Questions Cat Checkups & Preventive Care
Dr. Ernie's Top 10 Cat Dental Questions... And His Answers!
For some inexplicable reason, I get fewer questions from my cat clients about their kitty’s teeth and mouth than inquiries from dog owners. I have a few theories on this phenomenon...
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All About Dental Health Dog Checkups & Preventive Care
All About Dental Health
Here are easy ways to keep your pet’s teeth healthy.
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valentine's day pets Dog Toxins & Poisons
Why Your Dog Doesn't Want To Be Your Valentine This Year
While you may think those balloons are benign, the string or ribbon attached to it poses a significant health risk to your pet!
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neutering Dog Surgery A-Z
Can Neutered Pets Still Have Sex?
Learn the surprising answer to this question.
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Pet First Aid: Build Your Own Pet First Aid Kit Dog Checkups & Preventive Care
Pet First Aid: Build Your Own Pet First Aid Kit
Building your own pet first aid kit; you’ll be glad you did.
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