happy smiling dog Dog Behavior
Can You Tell What Your Dog Is Feeling?
Back in 1964, Dr. Niels Bolwig, a pioneer in behavioral biology, described the facial expressions of dogs and their corresponding emotions.
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Pheromones and Behavior: Can They Help? A Vet's Life
Pheromones and Behavior: Can They Help?
Did you know that pheromone therapy could help in correcting a behavioral problem in your cat or dog? Pheromones are chemicals naturally secreted by your pet and in recent years have shown to ease behavioral issues such as fear, aggression and elimination problems. Find out how pheromone therapy can impact a behavioral concern in your pet.
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Do Cats Fear the Water? Cat Behavior
Do Cats Fear The Water?
Do cats hate the water? You may be surprised. Explore the relationship between feline and bath time.
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Dog Behavior
Helping Timid and Shy Scaredy Dogs
Just like people, dogs are scared by all kinds of things.
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