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7 Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Growing Kitten Eating Right

Reviewed by Dr. Peter Kintzer, DVM, DACVIM on Wednesday, April 15, 2015
Posted April 27, 2015 in Cat Diet & Nutrition

Kitten eating

You’ve welcomed your new kitten (yay!), started feeding her (frequently), changing the litter box (a lot) and are wondering what’s next (sleep)? Well first, check out my blog on essential feeding instructions. Next, in addition to a parade of veterinary visits, vaccinations, toys and training; there’s an entire world of feline nuance and subtlety to discover. To help you on your journey, here are seven of my favorite feline “outside-of-the-bowl” healthy feeding habit tips and tricks you may not hear often—or often enough.

Small bowls
One of my veterinary passions is reducing pet (and childhood) obesity. One of my top tricks to prevent overfeeding is using small food bowls, especially for kittens and cats. The theory is simple: Humans like to fill food bowls, both their own and their pets’. If you use smaller plates and bowls, you have less to fill. Soy sauce bowls, espresso cups/plates or any petite platter that holds less than ¼ cup are my favorite.

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