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Cats Get Parasites Too

Reviewed by Dr. Peter Kintzer, DVM, DACVIM on Tuesday, April 8, 2014
Posted March 28, 2014 in Cat Diseases & Conditions A-Z

Are you a proud cat parent? Don't forget that kitties need protection against many of the same parasites as dogs. Get the facts on parasite screening and prevention to keep your cat safe with the resources below, then learn more about other parasites that affect dogs at our parasite prevention and screening campaign


Cats and Parasites

What Are Tapeworms In Cats and Why Should I Care?

Reviewed By Peter Kintzer DVM, DACVIM

Tapeworms are a relatively common parasite that can infect cats and has the potential to infect people as well. Read more>

Cats and Parasites

Flea and Tick Insecticide Poisoning In Cats

By Dr. Justine Lee

If you own a cat, this blog is a must read! Before applying any topical flea and tick medication to your cat, pay heed. One of the most commonly presenting emergencies I see is accidental poisoning of cats by their well-intentioned pet owners. Read more>

Cats and Parasites

Eww! What Is Walking Dandruff In Cats?

Reviewed By Peter Kintzer DVM, DACVIM

Cheyletiellosis; no, it is not a Stephen King horror story—there is such a thing as “walking dandruff.” Walking dandruff is actually a form of mange, a skin disease caused by the Cheyletiella mite. Read more>

Cats and Parasites

See more about parasite screening and prevention by our friends at Fetch Magazine:

Reviewed By Peter Kintzer DVM, DACVIM

Our veterinarians reviewed and approved these articles to help pet parents learn as much as possible about protecting your pets:

Indoor Cats and Parasites

Ticks, Cats and Tularemia

Ticks, Cats and Cytauxzoonosis

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