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Dog Hero takes a Bullet in Defense of her Family

Posted March 17, 2014 in A Pet's Life

As reported by Christina Cocca of NBC San Diego—Charlie, the dog who took two bullets for her family after intruders broke into their Los Angeles home, is now recovering with her loved ones. Charlie had to have surgery and a leg amputated after she stepped in between armed intruders and her family.

Charlie, and her two siblings, chased the intruders into the street and away from the house after the botched break in. According to the North Central Shelter’s Facebook page, as the criminals were running away one fired shots at the family pets and hit Charlie in two of her legs.Boy with hero dog

The family couldn’t afford to get her to an emergency vet so Charlie was taken to the North Central Shelter by Animal Control. NBC reports that the dog’s owner told the shelter “if Charlie had not stepped in, bullets may have struck one of the family’s children.”

Fortunately, the North Central Shelter offers an intervention program, which helps financially constrained owners get pets the medical attention they need. And luckily for Charlie, the technician who had taken her in the night of the attack reached out to them.

North Central Shelter, with some help from the Bill Foundation, started a crowdfunding campaign and raised more than $8,000 to help Charlie’s family pay for the surgery. Even now, with three legs the lucky pup couldn’t be happier, as she’s back in the comfort of her own home with the family she loves and took a bullet for.

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