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Hero Cats Save a Dog and a Soldier

Posted December 30, 2013 in A Pet's Life

When most people think about the stories they’ve read involving a pet saving someone from danger -- they think about dogs. While it is true there are numerous stories about dog heroes, does this mean that dogs have a monopoly on being heroes? Of course it doesn’t. Stories about cat heroes are out there, you just have to look for them.


Cat starring out the window I came across this headline from ABC News in Toledo, Ohio: “Local Cat Saves Dog.” Yep, you heard it right. This hero isn’t a dog it’s a cat! This past April, ABC News in Toledo reported the story of how Sammy the cat saved dog-friend Izzy.

When Izzy, a small terrier mix, wandered outside her yard, she was attacked by a much bigger dog. The large dog had Izzy in its mouth when Sammy the cat arrived. Sammy puffed up and caught the attention of the aggressive larger dog. Luckily for Izzy, the large dog dropped her and decided to pursue Sammy instead. This allowed the family to grab Izzy who suffered multiple life threatening injuries. Izzy was taken to the Animal Emergency and Critical Care Clinic where Dr. Kittsen McCumber treated Izzy’s punctured abdomen, traumatic hernia, and severe muscle trauma. Of course, our cat hero Sammy got away by using feline super powers and climbing up a tree. If Sammy hadn’t arrived in time to rescue Izzy, she probably wouldn’t have made it. Sammy truly is a hero cat. Click here to watch the video report. 


I’ve also read about soldiers rescuing dogs orHappy cat laying down cats from war zones but here’s a story about a hero cat that rescues a soldier: According The Oregonian newspaper, Staff Sergeant Jesse Knott’s life was saved by the cat he had rescued.

While stationed in Hutal, Afghanistan in July of 2010, Staff Sgt. Knott came across a little kitten that kept coming to his camp with signs of neglect and possible abuse. Like many brave soldiers who come across injured or starving animals in war zones, Staff Sgt. Knott decided to rescue this kitten, who he named Koshka, which is Russian for cat. For the next several months, he fed and kept Koshka safe on base even though it was against regulations. In December of 2010, Koshka would return the favor and save Knott. After a suicide bombing killed two friends from his platoon and after dealing with a failing

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