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Welcome CatConLAers!

Posted June 05, 2015 in News & Blogs

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Welcome CatConLAers!
We at Pet Health Network are devoted to helping pets stay happy and healthy for as long as possible — and provide free, veterinarian-approved and recommended resources to help pet parents and their veterinary practices do just that.

But keeping pets healthy isn’t solely about great veterinary medicine (although it’s an essential part). Communication, education and, yes, even laughter can be important tools too. That’s why we’re proud sponsors of CatConLA and are always looking for new, fun ways to help cats and the people who love them stay together.

Enjoy just a couple of the ways we’re combining good-old belly laughs with pet health topics below and contact us for more information on what’s coming next:

The Kittens Are Coming, Are You Prepared?


7 Hilariously Bad Ways to Collect a Poop Sample

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