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cat pooping in litter box Cat Diseases & Conditions A-Z
Should I Worry if My Cat's Poop Has Blood or Mucus?
Learn if blood or mucus in your cat's poop is anything to worry about. What could blood and mucus in cat poop be warning you of?
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Cat rolling Cat Diseases & Conditions A-Z
Cat Diarrhea: When is it Serious and How Do I Stop It?
Learn when diarrhea in cats should be considered an emergency.
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Dog in Basket Dog Diseases & Conditions A-Z
Treating 6 Common Puppy Fractures
Learn the signs of some common puppy fractures, and what you should do if you see them.
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Dog Diseases & Conditions A-Z
Dog Diarrhea: When is It Serious and How Do I Stop It?
Diarrhea can be a dangerous problem for dogs. Learn when you should be concerned.
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Dog at the Vet's A Vet's Life
Moonshine Spurs an Unforgettable Holiday Vet Visit
Dr. Ward found himself in a completely unexpected situation one holiday season, after a dog got into a homemade distillery.
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Dog laying next to a mushroom Dog Toxins & Poisons
Dogs and Mushrooms: Are They Poisonous?
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's recent tragedy reminds us just how dangerous some mushrooms can be. Learn what you need to know to protect your dog.
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Sad Lab mix A Vet's Life
Collar Causes Horrific Neck Wound: Amazing Dog Survives
This very brave dog survived a heartbreaking amount of neglect, and deserves a loving home.
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Dog about to eat peanut butter Dog Toxins & Poisons
This Popular Peanut Butter Ingredient Could Kill Your Dog
It’s a deadly toxin and one that most pet parents don’t know about. Learn what popular peanut butter brands are toxic for dogs, and why.
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Freak Accident: Can a Cat Live Without a Tongue? A Vet's Life
Freak Accident: Can a Cat Live Without a Tongue?

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FDA Warns Popular Topical Pain Medication Toxic to Pets A Vet's Life
ALERT: FDA Warns Popular Topical Pain Medication Toxic to Pets
A new warning from the FDA should have you checking your own medications carefully. Learn how to protect your cat and dog from flurbiprofen.
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