Oldest Cat in the World Enjoys 24th Birthday!

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At age 24, Poppy has become the world’s oldest living cat, reports Discovery.com.“Cat On May 21st, “Poppy, hailing from Bournemouth, England, was crowned the world’s oldest living cat, taking the Guinness World Record.”  Until last year, the title of “oldest living cat,” was contested by a 23 year old feline from Kansas, named Pinky. Poppy still has a long way to go to catch the all time oldest cat record of 38. Discovery says that, that record is currently held by a feline who was named “Crème Puff, from Texas — she was born Aug.3, 1967 and passed away on Aug. 6, 2005 at age 38.” 

Poppy is clearly an extraordinary cat and although she has lost her sight and her hearing she’s still ruler of the house. In people years she would be 112 now and Poppy celebrated her birthday in style. Click here to view the cat party photos> 

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