Malamute Dog Breeds
The Malamute
The Malamute is a strong, hearty breed hailing from the harsh climates of Alaska that can be difficult to train and sometimes destructive.
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Dogs, Breeds, Shiba Inu Dog Breeds
The Shiba Inu
The cat-like Shiba Inu can be shy, independent, and headstrong but can make a great family dog, especially with early socialization.
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The Bull Terrier Dog Breeds
The Bull Terrier
The Bull Terrier requires an experienced handler because, though sweet and playful, his strong prey drive and intense pride can make him hard to handle.
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Shar-Pei Dog Breeds
The Shar-Pei
The Shar-Pei is a strong-willed, territorial dog who requires a daily walk and regular inspections of his skin folds to keep away infection.
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Saint Bernard Dog Breeds
The Saint Bernard
The gigantic Saint Bernard can reach 180 pounds but is a gentle giant at heart, making him an excellent therapy dog or family dog.
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Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Dog Breeds
The Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier
The Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier is a friendly, enthusiastic dog with a lot of energy and the love for chasing things due to a strong prey drive.
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Cat Breeds
The American Bobtail
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Burmilla Cat Breeds
The Burmilla
The Burmilla is an extremely independent cat who cherishes his owner and is sociable, playful, affectionate, and acts very kitten-like for much of his life.
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Egyptian Mau Cat Breeds
The Egyptian Mau
As the fastest running domestic cat breed, the Egyptian Mau is a slender, muscular cat that loves to climb and roam and is always friendly and loyal.
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Havana Brown Cat Breeds
The Havana Brown
The Havana is a dog-like cat breed and will follow you everywhere, frequently wants to play, and loves to use his paws to get your attention.
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