Cats Get Parasites Too Cat Diseases & Conditions A-Z
Cats Get Parasites Too
Are you a proud cat parent? Don't forget that kitties need protection against many of the same parasites as dogs. Get the facts on parasite screening and prevention to keep your cat safe with the resources below, then learn more about other parasites that affect dogs at Beware the Bug.
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Spring-Time Pet Hazards #1 Dog Toxins & Poisons
9 Spring-Time Pet Hazards
9 hazards to protect your pet from this spring.
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Safe Treats: Can my Dog have "People" Food? Dog Diet & Nutrition
Safe Treats: Can My Dog Have "People" Food?
These "people" foods make great low calorie treats for dogs.
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Metaldehyde Poisoning: the Dangers of Snail and Slug Bait Dog Toxins & Poisons
Metaldehyde Poisoning: the Dangers of Snail and Slug Bait
This common pest control is poison for your pets. The dangers of snail bait, slug bait, and camping stoves: metaldehyde poisoning
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Can My Cat Drink Milk? Cat Toxins & Poisons
Can My Cat Drink Milk?
Not all cats can drink milk. Read this article to learn the symptoms of a lactose intolerant cat.
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Medications Dog Toxins & Poisons
Never Assume These 5 Things Are Safe for Pets
Most of us have heard that chocolate is bad for dogs, but might not be aware of some other things that may not be pet safe. Here are 5 that could be sitting in your house.
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Lead Poisoning in Dogs and Cats Dog Toxins & Poisons
Lead Poisoning in Dogs and Cats
Many sources of lead poisoning may surprise you.
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The Sugar-free Substance Xylitol is Poison for Dogs. Dog Toxins & Poisons
Xylitol Poisoning In Dogs: A Deadly Sugar Substitue
Chewing gum in the house? Keep it away from the dog.
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Flea and Tick Insecticide Poisoning in Cats Cat Checkups & Preventive Care
Flea and Tick Insecticide Poisoning in Cats
One of the most commonly presenting emergencies I see is accidental poisoning of cats by their well-intentioned pet owners. They often put “small dog” flea medication onto their “big cat,” without appropriately consulting with their veterinarian or reading the label carefully, resulting in severe poisoning in cats.
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Poisonous Plants and Dogs Dog Toxins & Poisons
Poisonous Plants and Dogs
There are a lot of poisonous plants out there, but few cause fatalities in dogs. Today, I wanted to write about the dangers of the sago palm, because people are often unaware of this potentially deadly plant.
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