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5 Easy Steps to Reduce Veterinary Expenses

Posted May 30, 2014 in Dog Checkups & Preventive Care

Anyone who has had to make use of veterinary services can attest to the fact that veterinary care has become more sophisticated and better able to diagnose and treat pet ailments. However, with sophistication and technology has come the reality that veterinary care is expensive.  In human health care, much, if not all, of the cost of care is covered by insurance, social services, Medicare and when all fails they are absorbed by hospitals. Veterinary medicine has some degree of a financial safety net under patients as well. Pet health insurance is available to pet owners however relatively few avail themselves of pet insurance. Some are unaware of the benefits of insurance while others are unaware of the sophistication of veterinary medicine and thus are not prepared for unexpected costs.

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Just as in human health, many pet owners do not consider avoidable risks and hazards to their pets ahead of time. Prevention is always less costly and less traumatic than treatment. Let’s look at a few basic steps pet owners can take to keep their pets healthy and reduce the need for interventional treatment.

1. See your veterinarian often
The first step is to make use of your veterinarian as a source for early detection and information. Your pet should be thoroughly examined by your veterinarian at least yearly. While this advice may seem strange for reducing costs, the truth is that the price of routine wellness exams is nothing compared to the price of fixing a major problem later. Regular physical examinations often allow your veterinarian to detect problems before they are critical (and expensive).

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