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Did You Lose Your Pet? There's an App for That!

Posted April 24, 2015 in A Pet's Life

Losing a pet is a terrifying thing. While having up-to-date identification tags and microchips are key advances, technology is offering a new approach—a facial recognition app to help recover lost pets.

This free app aims to recover lost pets, it’s called Finding Rover. According to, “Using revolutionary technology, we’ll scan the unique features of your dog’s face and keep it on file in case he or she ever gets lost. Watch the interview with CNN, below.

How can you be sure to get the perfect picture?
Well they’ve thought of that too! When you open the app and are ready to take your pet’s picture, there’s a “bark button” that will instinctually cause your pet to look toward the camera. How neat is that?

What happens when you find a lost pet?
By alerting large networks of dog organizations and people like YOU, finding rover essentially becomes an online hub for lost pets that fits in your pocket. When you find a pet, you can take a photo, and the app goes through a facial recognition search. Once it’s found a match, contact information pops up, allowing you to get in touch with guardian. The process would of course work the same way if your missing pet was found, and could help you get your buddy home safe and sound!

The new technology is exciting, but it’s better used to enhance current mothods, not replace them. >>
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